What is Madroño?

What is Consorcio Madroño?

The Consortium of Universities of the Region of Madrid and the UNED for Library Cooperation (Madroño) was created by the Protocol signed in Madrid on 9 June 1999 by the Vice-Chancellors of the following universities :

The main aim of the Consortium is to improve the quality of library services by promoting inter-library cooperation in order to achieve the following:

  1. Increased scientific productivity as a result of improved access to libraries for the Consortium universities through bibliographic information and inter-library loans.
  2. Improvement of current library services, reducing cataloguing costs by sharing resources.
  3. Plans for cooperation, joint library services, shared purchases of resources and connection to national and international networks.
  4. Collaboration in any other initiatives arising out of inter-library cooperation and collective catalogues, especially within the Region of Madrid.

The members of the Madroño Consortium are committed to the “open access” movement. All the Madroño Consortium universities have signed the Berlin Declaration.