Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of the Madroño Consortium.

The Technical Commission establishes a quality policy based on the implementation of a Quality Management System that fulfils the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Standard and is based on the following principles:

1.- Complying with the legislation in force. To this end it is fundamental that all the staff of the MADROÑO CONSORTIUM know the legislation that applies to the tasks they carry out.

2.- Quality service has to be applied in the widest sense of the term "service". All of the relations maintained with member libraries have to be considered as a "service", so it is extremely important to take care with the slightest detail in both verbal and written communications with the libraries of the Consortium.

3.- The competitiveness of the services rendered by the MADROÑO CONSORTIUM is based on the ongoing and permanent training of each of its staff members. Permanent training to be at the level of what users may demand is a personal obligation of each staff member of the MADROÑO CONSORTIUM.

4.- Client satisfaction:
Satisfying the necessities of member libraries and their users is a priority focus of the activities of the MADROÑO CONSORTIUM.

5.- Organization:

All members of the institution should actively participate in the activities carried out by the MADROÑO CONSORTIUM. To this end and with the aim of being organized as a co-ordinated team, two essential aspects should be taken into account:

Continuous improvement.
It is important to achieve a positive working environment where problem solving  and intention prevail over the pursuit of mistakes. Recognizing a mistake and learning not to repeat it are two necessary requirements for improvement. Any idea involving an improvement should be taken into account and be incorporated into the Quality Management System.

Prevention culture.
Viewing the future systematically when organizing work helps to prevent possible risk situations, such as committing mistakes. It is desirable therefore to adopt the necessary prevention measures for these risks not to occur. This prevention culture will be a built-in part of the activity of the MADROÑO CONSORTIUM.