The Confederation of Open Access Repositories is a dynamic association whose objective is to encourage initiatives related to open access repositories.

COAR fue creada en octubre de 2009 y actualmente agrupa más de 100 institutions  from 35 countries and 4 continents, including the Madroño Consortium. Its main aim is to improve the visibility and application of the results of scientific research via a global network of open access digital repositories.

The COAR is working through its institutional members to develop a community of open access repositories which will be a useful asset for all countries, regions and disciplines. Its vision is for a global knowledge infrastructure based on a network of open access repositories. The activities of the COAR include, amongst others, the creation of work groups as well as promotional and training activities.

The Madroño Consortium together with the Region of Madrid manages the e-science network of repositories. The institutional repositories of all the member universities with full legal rights of the Madroño Consortium belong to this network where researchers have the right to  store their research results in open access format.

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Repositories of the university members of the Madroño Consortium: