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e-ciencia project

e-ciencia is a project that forms part of the programme for inter-library cooperation between the Region of Madrid and the Madroño Consortium to create an open, freely accessible digital platform for scientific production in the Region of Madrid.

Via this platform, the Region of Madrid and the Madroño Consortium are able to offer the scientific community a tool that will help them discover knowledge and transfer it to society.

The e-ciencia project recognises the benefits for society of access to scientific information so follows the principles of the Berlin Declaration and, together with many other initiatives all over the world, is applying these principles with the aim of building a universal area for open access to knowledge.

The project is open to any interested institution and to independent researchers. In addition to the institutional repositories and the search engine that standardises access to them, a non-institutional, free repository is to be created for use by the scientific community. The following repositories currently form part of the e-ciencia project.