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The deposit licence is a document through which a researcher/research group/academic staff performs NON-EXCLUSIVE assignment of the exploitation rights to deposit the data and materials in the e-cienciaDatos repository. Likewise, the party concerned states agreement with the terms and conditions indicated in the licence, with the possibility of performing the deposit through delegation.

This licence allows the e-cienciaDatos repository to:

(a) Use the metadata necessary to describe the datasets.

(b) Disseminate the dataset with open access under the usage licence conditions in such a way that the material may be distributed, copied and displayed.

(c) Store, copy and modify or adapt the datasets without changing the contents thereof, in order to preserve the datasets so that they remain available into the future as well as for enrichment metadata reasons.

(d) Release the repository from all liability as to the contents of the datasets, which remain the exclusive responsibility of the author, and to protect from any improper use of the data by users in violation of the current laws in force.

(e) Remove the dataset, after notifying the author, in any justified cases, or in the event of a third-party claim.

(f) Change the file formats and add/modify metadatos, if this becomes necessary for the purposes of preserving and enrichment the data.

In this licence, the author declares that:

  • The data are original, and the author is the owner of the associated intellectual property rights, as well as being the party responsible for the content therein.
  • In cases of co-authorship, that the author has authorization from the remaining owners to perform this assignment, mentioning the names of all the co-authors.
  • He or she is free to communicate and publicise the work, whether in this version or other later versions, using those means which that author deems appropriate.
  • He or she may request the removal of the dataset from the repository based on just cause.

The author ensures that:

  • The data which are placed on deposit do not violate any rights whatsoever or infringe upon the rights to honour, privacy or image of third parties, and that they do not violate any intellectual or industrial property rights.
  • The data being placed on deposit do not contain any high-risk confidential information or any false, defamatory or misleading data. Nor do they contain any protected forms of personal information without the permission of those concerned (if any, they must be removed or anonymised before publication).
  • The author shall take responsibility for any claims made by third parties against the repository in terms of the form, contents and transfers of the datasets.


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