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Who may perform a deposit?

  • Only researchers from the member universities of Consorcio Madroño, at least initially.

How is a deposit made?

  • Deposits may be made through a “delegate file”: the researcher/research group asks the library at their university to create a dataset by sending an e-mail message to the proper contact e-mail address
  • In order to place the data on deposit, the depositing party must expressly state acceptance of the deposit licence, which confirms that the data being placed on deposit is original and does not violate any other authors’ rights.

What data can be placed on deposit?

  • Datasets from any discipline.
  • Final data or full data prepared for distribution and reuse. They must contain the proper annexed documentation and descriptive metadata.

What file formats are accepted?

  • Non-proprietary open formats, in order to ensure accessibility and preservation.
  • Proprietary formats which are under widespread use in the scientific communities that have an interest in the data. If necessary, full instructions will be provided on how to use them and the software that can be used to interpret them.

Is there a size limit on the size of the dataset?

  • The limit is 100GB per dataset, though larger datasets may be stored in exceptional instances based on storage space availability.

Version control

  • e-cienciaDatos is equipped with a version control mechanism which helps validate and preserve a dataset when saving the version changes record, making it possible to view the contents of prior versions.

Data and metadata access and use

  • The most open access possible is permitted in order to discover, comprehend and reuse the data.
  • All of the datasets will have an associated DOI.
  • The data are stored under open access, unless there are legal, ethical or technology transfer-related reasons which make it impossible to do so.
  • However, the data may be embargoed if deemed necessary.
  • There is a commitment to maintain the datasets for a minimum of 20 years, but the aim of the repository is to maintain permanent access.
  • The decision has been reached to offer free licences only for the following types of datasets: CC0, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA and Open Data Commons PDDL. If a researcher needs some other licence or a combination of licences, he or she must contact the InvestigaM administrators (see the page titled “Usage Licence“)
  • Specific licences may also be applicable for software, as approved by the Open Source Iniciative (OSI), GNU General Public License Versions, MIT license and others
  • Dataset metadata are accesible by the OAI-PMH with a CCO license


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